Structuring Your Network with OCES’s Optical Fibre Installation, Testing & Termination n

For all of your optic fibre splicing and testing needs, Optical Communications & Electrical Services Pty Ltd (OCES) serves you with a complete fibre optic network solution that fits your budget. We are your fibre optic installation experts. Since our inception, we have been offering optical fibre installation to a wide variety of clients across the state. We always strive to give our 110% when it comes to installation services and go that extra distance to fulfil all the needs of our clients. Considering our clients requirements and fulfilling all their professional needs is always our top priority.

It doesn’t matter what sort of installation you need; our expert technicians are specifically trained and certified by the leading industry manufactures to cater all your needs without making any compromises on its quality. This ensures that all the fibre optic installations are testing the use of the state-of-the-art equipment; to maintain utmost efficiency, lesser splice loss and offer superior performance on your network. All of our technicians are extremely skilled in all the aspects of optic fibre splicing, testing and its installation.

Optical Communications & Electrical Services Pty Ltd (OCES) take great pride of its record and is recognized as the leading contractor in the optical fibre industry. One of our strengths is the installation, termination and testing of both single mode and multimode optical fibre.

Together with our partners we can provide a complete communication cabling solution including:

  • Network Design & Advice
  • Network Backbone Design & Advice
  • Cabling and Infrastructure Solutions
  • Fusion Splicing
  • Fault Locating
  • Fibre Optic Installation and Termination
  • Fibre Optic Testing and Certification
  • AS Built documentation & manuals.

OCE Services Manufacturer Certifications include :

Fibre Equipment:
We have invested in the most modem Fibre Optic Equipment including:

  • Fluke Network testers, DTX 1800 complete with single and multimode attachments
  • Light Source Power Meter
  • Fusion Splicer

Contact us for further queries regarding our optic cable supplies, assemblies, splicing or testing services at: (07) 3390 1881 or e-mail us at:

“Molex is one of the world’s pre-eminent structured cabling solution product manufactures. With 54 manufacturing plants in 19 countries globally, Molex is a leader in the field of data and telecommunications connectivity. Our Business Partner Program (BPP) and global warranty is regarded as second to none in our industry, with comprehensive training and support afforded to those installer companies endorsed by Molex as a BP. OCE Services is one such company. Based in Brisbane OCE Services is ready to deliver a quality Molex installation with a 25 year warranty, across a wide area of South East Queensland. Molex is pleased to have OCE Services as a valued BP and looks forward to continuing mutual development of our business, as partners in industry.”
Mike Weger
Business Development Executive
Molex Incorporated
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