Fibre Optic Installation & Termination in the Greater Brisbane Region

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Fully Trained & Certified

The technicians at OCE Services are fully trained and certified by leading manufacturers of fibre optic cabling. Working with you from start-to-finish, we give you access to fast, reliable and efficient connections that will allow you to conduct business efficiently.

Our services include:

At OCE Services, we can handle installations, repairs and terminations for both single and multimode optical fibre – as well as testing, splicing and more. For more information, book an appointment today.

Improve Your Connection

Are you dealing with a poor optical fibre connection? Do you have an old system you want updated for your growing business? OCE Services offers comprehensive testing to get to the root of your connection issues. Our talented technicians provide a range of solutions that are tailored to your needs.

With extensive experience in fibre optic splicing and testing, you can count on us to correctly assess your network setup. We will find a fast, affordable way to increase the speed and reliability of your connection.

Book an appointment for fibre optic installation or termination today. We will exceed your expectations.

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